Programmable full stack

Open API

A complete financial services toolkit, helping you build your own platform for trading, storing, borrowing, remitting and spending fiat and cryptocurrency

Designed for you to grow

Integrate with the Nebeus Payments API to seamlessly open the world of crypto currencies,
open up access to over 700 million consumers with their local payment methods
Nebeus SDK API

Cost-effective Model

Direct your resources to building a value proposition for your customers

Nebeus Merchabt API

Advanced Reports

Track your revenue and conversions using any data you need.

Develop new features on top
of our infrastructure

Design your own product for Financial Inclusion with access to over 400m unbanked
Nebeus Merchant Crypto methods
  1. Provide your customers with immediate access to over 20 crypto currencies.
  2. Exchange between fiat, crypto and e-currencies.
  3. Customizable fees and charges.
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Implementation made Simple

Quicky integrate our simple and scalable APIs to save your development time. Get instant access to all services you will ever need to run an online business – from dedicated customer support to machine learning that prevents fraud.

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