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5 years at Nebeus, we only do two things

Help those who have crypto but need the money and those who want to invest in the high-yield market, even those who have no experience in the cryptocurrency market.

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Nebeus Crypto bank

Crypto Beginners. For users who are first time faced with crypto. We have set up processes in such a way, that there are no problem exchange euros and starting investing with high returns.

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Borrowers. Instant crypto loans allow users to get the necessary financial resources without selling cryptocurrency. Investors provide funds for which we find borrowers using cryptocurrency.

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For Investors. This way everyone gets paid - investors get their interest, borrowers get the money they need. And it all goes through crypto!

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Our Products

Nebeus Crypto loan

Crypto-Backed Loans

Minimum loan amount equivalent from €250, Rates from 6.12%* - 10.55%, Loan to value 72%.

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Nebeus Crypto Savings Accounts

Crypto Savings accounts

We deploy your capital to the cryptocurrency collateral loans. Start saving with equivalent €100 and fixed interest rate 8.45%.

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Nebeus Crypto Savings account

Get a bonus of up to 5% APR of the daily balance on your Crypto Wallets

Every month, every owner of a BTС, ETH wallets will receive a reward in Euro for an average daily balance on their wallets according to the results of the month.

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